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Happy St. Patrick's Day From J.E. Shannon & Associates

Happy St. Patrick's Day From JESAONLINEHappy St. Patrick's Day from J.E. Shannon & Associates!  The month of March has been pretty busy for us.  Taking care of our current clients and taking on new ones from all across this Great Nation of ours and Around the World!  If you are unfamiliar with us, J.E.

J.E. Shannon & Associates Provides Secure Websites to Rural Towns and Businesses

While sipping on my first cup of joe this morning, I ran across an AP article called "Expert: Rural US websites easy targets for hackers".  J.E Shannon & Associates agrees with this article.  The number one issue that plagues most small towns and businesses is a very tight budget.  This leads to hiring employees that do not know much about website or server security.  The other issue is the unfounded fear of outsourcing to companies who are from the larger towns or work off-site.  This way of thinking can lead to very disastrous situations where valuable information can be easy pray for hackers (identity theft).

Mozilla to Release Firefox 6 Today

Mozilla Firefox LogoAs some of you may know, J.E. Shannon & Associates likes the Firefox browser for the most part. We even suggest its use to our clients. At J.E. Shannon & Associates, we always test web design compatibility across browser platforms, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome. But starting from Firefox version 4, the browser has become bloated and browses slower than previous versions. Although, it's still not as slow as Internet Explorer. Sometime today, we expect that the folks at Mozilla will release the version 6 of the Firefox Browser.

Content Is King

Content KingWhat most businesses tend to forget when designing a website, is content. "Content is King" to your online presence. Your content has to be relevant and eye-catching to your potential clients. Though it is good to have an awesomely designed site with graphics and all...Don't leave the content behind!

Don't fool yourself into thinking that people are not reading the text on your site.

Merry Christmas From J.E. Shannon & Associates

Wishing You, Your Business, and Your Family...A Very Merry Christmas!
     ;     ;     ;    And a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!    From J.E Shannon & Associates

Don't Ruin Your Marketing Efforts With Your Website Redesign

Keeping a fresh face or bringing old sites up to Web 2.0 standards is very important for your business to compete online. Every year thousands of businesses hire freelancers or in-house web design employees to give their website a face lift. The majority of them will make big mistakes by approaching the project in the wrong way. A website redesign done wrong can:

  • lower your search rankings,
  • lower your website traffic,
  • reduce your leads,
  • reduce your sales,
  • and damage your company's reputation