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Happy St. Patrick's Day From J.E. Shannon & Associates

Happy St. Patrick's Day From JESAONLINEHappy St. Patrick's Day from J.E. Shannon & Associates!  The month of March has been pretty busy for us.  Taking care of our current clients and taking on new ones from all across this Great Nation of ours and Around the World!  If you are unfamiliar with us, J.E.

Content Is King

Content KingWhat most businesses tend to forget when designing a website, is content. "Content is King" to your online presence. Your content has to be relevant and eye-catching to your potential clients. Though it is good to have an awesomely designed site with graphics and all...Don't leave the content behind!

Don't fool yourself into thinking that people are not reading the text on your site.

Do My Facebook Friends Affect My Personal Brand?

This weekend I was browsing Facebook to only to find that one of my friends had become Facebook Friends with "Flick" and "Butts".

Personal Branding

Most of us believe that personal branding is just for celebrities like Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz, but this is not the case.  We all have a "Personal Brand".  

A definition for Personal Branding can be explained as follows:

SEO Is No Longer a Viable Marketing Strategy for Small Busines

I recently read an article called "SEO is no longer a viable marketing strategy for startups" by Chris Dixon at Business Insider. I was intrigued to hear this proclamation because I have been saying this for quite some time but have not heard the sentiment echoed in the industry.

Don't Ruin Your Marketing Efforts With Your Website Redesign

Keeping a fresh face or bringing old sites up to Web 2.0 standards is very important for your business to compete online. Every year thousands of businesses hire freelancers or in-house web design employees to give their website a face lift. The majority of them will make big mistakes by approaching the project in the wrong way. A website redesign done wrong can:

  • lower your search rankings,
  • lower your website traffic,
  • reduce your leads,
  • reduce your sales,
  • and damage your company's reputation

Power Words - Writing Good Content For Your Website

Having a beautiful, professional-looking, user and search engine friendly web design is great. But what you say on your site is just as important, if not MORE IMPORTANT than how your web pages look. When you are writing for your blog or website, you need to be persuasive and concise. Robots love for there to be lots of keywords but people have short attention spans. Balance some of your keyword usage with these top words to write winning content!

Websites are not just for business anymore

I was recently walking through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. My mind tends to wander during the long waits at the gate. I always make up stories about where the travelers could be going or coming back from. But this time the questions that came to mind were: What do they do for a living? What are their hobbies/ talents?