Our Process

When you hire JESAOnline for Web Design and/or Marketing Services, here is what to expect:

  1. Review Our Web Design and Marketing Services Pages at JESAOnline: To review all of the Web Design/Development/Marketing  Products and Services, we provide to get your web presence ideas into reality.JESAonline brings you all the peices of the pie
  2. Fill out the New Client Design Profile: This profile will ask a set of questions about your branding, your intended audience, your goals for your web site, etc. Your answers will help us tailor the web design and development to your specific needs, and estimate the time and cost of doing so. Adrianna or James Shannon will call you to discuss the details of the project and to schedule the start and end times of your web design project.
  3. Confirm your Acceptance: Once you have sent-in the New Web Design Client Profile and have agreed to the details and schedule of your web design or marketing project with Adrianna or James Shannon. JESAOnline will regard this as an “Acceptance” of our services. We will not assume your consent, so you must confirm it before we start working on your project. 
  4. Pay the initial invoice (at times, the first-half of the project cost): This covers the work done on consultation phase and the mock-ups and is payable even if you decide not to use any of the proposed designs after all.
  5. Send any relevant materials: if you have an existing logo or branding guidelines, or if you are supplying photos or text to be included, please send them as follows: If possible, we prefer to receive any resources and instructions in electronic format, sent by email or made available by download from a website. If in PDF, please ensure it is editable and not locked. If you are not able to provide an electronic copy of your resources, please send the hard copy to our mailing address and email us a short message alerting us to expect the postal mail. This will lengthen the time it will take to finish your project and can be subject to additional fees. (See our Contact page for our email and mailing address) 
  6. Review the initial mock-ups: Adrianna will submit one or several proposed designs in a link for your approval. Now is the time to ask for adjustments. Major time-consuming revisions may necessitate additional costs, while minor tweaks and adjustments will not affect the original cost estimate. She will only provide a maximum of 3 mock-ups/edits before considering additional cost to your project.
  7. Approve the finalized version: Once you are satisfied with the entire design of the site, Adrianna or James Shannon will finalize the design and upload, deliver it in the file formats needed, or make the site “live” for the general online public to view.
  8. Pay all subsequent invoices (sometimes, the second half of the project cost): Depending on the scope of your project, one or two payments may be sufficient. If the project is more involved and time-consuming, though, we may bill you for work done on a monthly basis or on a schedule that we have negotiated together. 
  9. Market Your Site: Utilize our in-house online marketing skills to help you receiving visitors to your new site via Search Engine Marketing, Social Networking and Local Organic Targeting.
  10. Reap the benefits! We know that you will be happy with your new website design and that it will serve you and your visitors well.  Good Luck!

Now that you understand our process, feel free to fill out our New Client Design Profile to get your online presence started Today!