Meeting Your Deadline

The amount of time it takes to complete a web design project depends on the a few factors:
We will meet your deadline at all cost!

  • The complexity of the design,
  • The availability of quality, web compliant content,
  • Our existing workload,
  • The amount of time to thoroughly test the site for quality assurance.

The deadline is reasonable if it allows our designer, Adrianna, to work at a pace up to 8 hours a day, keeping in mind that creative work involves some research, experimentation and proper quality control time, not just steady execution.

Faster work can sometimes be negotiated, depending on the circumstances and her existing workload. However, it is best to allow for as much notice as possible just in case her workload cannot accommodate immediate full dedication to the new project.

Please be ready to set a deadline on your New Client Design Profile that is reasonable and fair. Now, let's talk the dollars and cents of your web design project.