Cost of Web Design

Time is moneyWhen considering the project cost of web design, it is dependent on a number of factors:

  • What Kind of Web Site is Needed? (blog, e-commerce, membership site, etc.)
  • How Much Complexity and Specialization Involved?
  • How Much Interactivity Features are to be Included? (video, forms, restricted access, chat, uploads, etc.)
  • Whether You Will Provide Content such as Photos or Text or will it need to be sought out?
  • Whether Resources such as Photos need to be transferred from hard copy to electronic format?
  • When will the deadline be? Short notice may require that the Adrianna to work overtime hours, entailing a higher rate.
  • The Overall Value of the Design in terms of Branding and Originality

Cost and time estimates for each project are different and Adrianna will need to see the details of your request before she can evaluate the complexity and other factors that affect price and schedule accordingly. However, the following examples will give you a “rough” initial estimate of cost of your web design project (in U.S.  dollars;  domain and web hosting is extra):

  • $500 to 700: setting up a blog site (such as WordPress or Drupal) with an existing theme, modifying it as needed to add your branding with images that you provide (i.e. your logo, photographs) and configuring it with recommended widgets and plugins; client to  create content pages and posts.
  • $750 to $2,000: custom designed layout and look including light graphic design; 3 to 5 articles, copywriting and content with search engine optimization and marketing in mind; moderate amount of interactivity or e-commerce.
  • $2,000+: Same as above but with more interactivity or e-commerce, copy and content creation, graphics creation, elaborate design.

Special rates may be negotiated for small non-profit groups that are unable to secure funding through grants.Ready to get started? Complete the New Client Design Profile to give your designer all the information to skillfully execute your web design project.