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Happy St. Patrick's Day From J.E. Shannon & Associates

Happy St. Patrick's Day From JESAONLINEHappy St. Patrick's Day from J.E. Shannon & Associates!  The month of March has been pretty busy for us.  Taking care of our current clients and taking on new ones from all across this Great Nation of ours and Around the World!  If you are unfamiliar with us, J.E. Shannon & Associates provides the best in Web Design, Online Marketing, IT Support, and Management Training!

Lately, we've been creating and re-designing a lot of websites with all of the necessary compliance to be searchable via Google, Bing, Yahoo, and More!  Our online marketing efforts have been awesome! J.E. Shannon & Associates has  taken an "unknown website" on the internet to a Top 5 Ranked Site for the Keywords specified! The client's competitors have taken notice and are trying to duplicate our efforts.  And Fortunately, we've got the upper hand.  J.E. Shannon & Associates prides itself for ethical and Organic Online and SEO Marketing Campaigns. NO SPAMMING and NO KEYWORD CRAMMING! We are a United States based company. We do not source to Foreign Companies! J.E. Shannon & Associates has the capabilities to work from anywhere within the U.S. and The World. We're completely mobile!  If you have any questions or would like to hire us to help with your Web Design, Marketing, IT, or Management Training needs, please feel free to Contact Us. We're always happy to consult and find cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Take Care and be Safe for St. Patrick's Day from J.E. Shannon & Associates! 

Erin Go Bragh!


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