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Content Is King

Content KingWhat most businesses tend to forget when designing a website, is content. "Content is King" to your online presence. Your content has to be relevant and eye-catching to your potential clients. Though it is good to have an awesomely designed site with graphics and all...Don't leave the content behind!

Don't fool yourself into thinking that people are not reading the text on your site.

WordPress published the following about website visitors:

- Over 287 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month.

This is why you want to catch the attention of your visitors with content that is credible, concise, easy to read, and keyword rich.  Did you know that your content plays a part in your web search rankings? J.E. Shannon & Associates has seen way too many sites that are in desperate need of good quality content that is keyword rich to help with SEO and attracting the potential clients to that company. Just think about your content as being that extra salesperson that you've been looking for that you would never have to pay commissions to. Once the content is published, it works for you. Sure, you would have to pay someone to come up with the content, but, it sure beats having to pay commissions, benefits, and expenses to an extra sales guy. In essence, your website is like a mirror image of your brick and mortar business.  Most people will “Google” your company first, before driving out to see you.

SEOMoz published the following:

- 93.2% of B2B consumers indicated they would use the net to research the purchase before buying.
     - Of those using net research, only 4.46% would not use a search engine.
     - Search was the first resource for research for 63.9% of respondents, beating manufacturer sites and portals.
     ;     - 82.9% used Google.

So, your content has to be a reflection of your business, you, and your employees. If you need help with Content or SEO, J.E. Shannon & Associates can help. Just fill out our New Client Design Profile to get started Today!


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