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Do My Facebook Friends Affect My Personal Brand?

This weekend I was browsing Facebook to only to find that one of my friends had become Facebook Friends with "Flick" and "Butts".

Personal Branding

Most of us believe that personal branding is just for celebrities like Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz, but this is not the case.  We all have a "Personal Brand".  

A definition for Personal Branding can be explained as follows:

Personal Branding - the process by which we market ourselves to others.  Just like celebrities or corporate brands we can utilize the same strategies to make us more desirable to others.

Your "Personal Brand" is everything.  What does Personal Brand do?  A Personal Brand tells the world about you. It shows what you stand for, what your personal values are, what your expertise is, and why the rest of us should even care about you. You never know if your potential - client, mate, and/or employer will be looking at your brand online via social networks. It is always good to have a "positive" brand, rather than a "negative" brand.

A good example of a "positive" brand would be Donald Trump. Like him or hate him, the man has built an empire of wealth. Even with some of his downfalls, "The Donald" is forever linked with success.

A good example of a "negative" brand would be The Ford Edsel. The car did not have any "real" problems with it.  But, as soon as the media reported that this car line was a "lemon", the car sales plummeted.  Subsequently, the name "Edsel" became forever linked with failure.  This is something that you do not want to happen with your personal brand.

If your Personal Brand needs some polishing or if you just need some help with Personal Branding, get in contact with the experts at J.E. Shannon & Associates.  We specialize in Web Design, Logo Creation, and various Marketing Strategies to bolster your Personal Brand.


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