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Social Media Know How: Managing Facebook Fan Pages

When you hire JESAonline to manage your small business marketing you can rest assured that you are getting access to all the best strategies to give your business the edge. Of course, these days Social Media is all the rage and that means your business will be on Facebook.

What will you do once they Like you on Facebook?As your small business marketing consultants, we want to make this transition easy for you, we will help you get a solid start with custom tabs and be sure that your branding is consistent with your web site. Then it's your time to shine... Of course you can work with us to create content for your fans, but it is easy with some simple to use tools.
For a while now, one of the biggest features missing from Facebook
fan pages was the ability for page admins to be alerted when activity is happening. Now, you can get email notifications of activity happening on your page with this nifty new free service called HyperAlerts. You get your fan page updates direct to your email inbox at the frequency you choose you can interact without spending your valuable time refreshing the page to see if anyone is talking!
We also recommend that you schedule content for your Facebook fan page. When we set up your business website we probably set up your blog to feed to your Facebook and/or Twitter. This is a great start but you will want to make your page sing (or at least talk) by starting discussions with your fans by posting research, fun questions or quotes. There are lots of them out there but we suggest you stick to a free one unless you are managing multiple brands. The two best are HootSuite and Seesmic. Each have their benefits and cons but it really boils down to your preference in usability. Be even cooler yet by scheduling content with these apps on your smart phone. Don't worry, just ask us if you don't know how.

That's all Folks! Go engage your audience and we will be here to support you all the way! If you would like J.E. Shanon & Associates to manage your business web and social media marketing, please contact us.


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